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POSITIONING: BLAKE --> WE ARE CHOOSING TO TARGET NON-HARDCORE GAMERS (who are basically families) Currently, the Xbox360 is not positioned to be the gaming system of choice among a majority of the market. By excluding non-power gamers, Xbox360 has lost market share to more user- friendly systems such as the Nintendo Wii. In order to capture the remaining market, Xbox360 must continue to expand its Xbox360 Live services by forming profit-sharing agreements with family-oriented media conglomerates such as Disney. Once the image of the Xbox is
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Unformatted text preview: transformed into a media station rather than simply a videogame, families and dormant gamers will become repeat customers for Microsoft and its affiliates. The technology is already available which allows for Xbox360 to have the following positioning statement: To social, leisure, and dormant gamers who seek a user and family friendly gaming experience, Xbox 360 is a media system that allows for online downloads of cartoons and television shows as well as providing an ultimate gaming experience....
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