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TOPIC PRIORITY LIST—First Exam, Chemistry 101, 2005 All of Chapters 1, 2 and 3 (to and including section 3.8) are possibly on this exam. Exam Details: No extra notes allowed for the exam. Bring calculators, pen (note a pen is required to request a re-grade of exam). Pens require crossing out work that is not to be graded. The exam will have a periodic chart and fundamental constants or conversion factors (on this exam these are very familiar items). The rooms are assigned. See the web site prior to the exam. Topics of Major Importance (Many test points on items 5-9; the test is ~30% similar to HW format, the rest are multiple choice, and fill-in-blanks with some computation) 1. Skills of Chap. 1, especially density, T conversions, unit
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Unformatted text preview: conversions and significant figures. 2. Atomic Structure: protons, electrons, neutrons, mass numbers, notation. 3. Ions and molecular formulas with ionic bonds and covalent bonds. 4. Basic understanding of periodic table: groups, cations, anions, metals, nonmetals 5. Naming simple compounds: Tables 2.3 to 2.8 and other elements via similar groups. 6. Moles, molar masses, average masses, composition of compounds. 7. Determining empirical and molecular formulas and reactions like combustion. 8. Balancing chemical equations. Combining 2 or more balanced equations. 9. Stoichiometry to compute moles or grams of species in balanced equations. Other Topics 1. History of chemistry. 2. History of atomic structure....
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