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Formal_Reports_for_101 - Why Write A Report The goal of the...

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Why Write A Report? The goal of the report is to communicate the experiments that you have conducted and the results of those experiments. The report is both more formal and more succinct than your laboratory notebook but must be detailed and accurate enough that it could be used to prepare a manuscript that can be submitted to a scientific journal. The report will be written on the experiments you conduct in the “Soil Science Project”, i.e. , the 2 weeks of soil experiments which take place this week (11/7-11/9) and next week (11/14-11-16). Who Is Your Audience? Your report will be read by a wide variety of people, including other people involved in the general chemistry program (e.g., Dr. Hatch, Professors Ratner & Spears, your lab T.A., other students) and by other people who are interested in the project (e.g., people at funding agencies, people who are interested in developing similar projects at other institutions, and people in the area where the samples were collected.) The report must provide enough detail to be useful to someone who is very familiar with the project, but also enough background and explanation to be clear to someone who has never heard of the project before. What Are The Essential Elements of the Report? You should turn in your report electronically using the “safe assignment” feature on Blackboard. It is due on Wednesday, November 23 @ 5 p.m. Use
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