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State of Illinois Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Douglas P. Scott, Director Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Office of Community Relations 1021 N. Grand Avenue East Springfield, Illinois 62702 September 8, 2005 H. Kramer and Company On-site and Off-site Soil Sampling Chicago, Illinois In June 2005, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) conducted a site investigation in the area of the H. Kramer and Company facility. Where is the H. Kramer facility located? The H. Kramer and Company facility is located at 1345 West 21 st Street in Chicago, Illinois. The facility is bordered to the north by 21 st Street, to the east by Throop Street, to the south by an alley north of Cermack Road and to the west by Loomis Street. What does the H. Kramer facility produce? The H. Kramer facility has operated at its current location since the 1920’s. The facility receives scrap metal from various sources. These materials are processed into brass and bronze ingots that are sold to various markets. What were the results of the soil samples taken at the H. Kramer facility, the rights-of-way and properties near the facility? In June 2005, staff from the Illinois EPA conducted soil sampling for metals, including lead, at six (6) residential properties, four (4) off site locations and six (6) locations at the facility. Soil samples were initially analyzed with an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) device. Some samples were then analyzed in a laboratory for confirmation of contaminant levels found in the field. The lead levels observed on-site at H. Kramer ranged from 1,250 parts per million 65,000 parts per million. Lead levels found off-site ranged from 120 parts per million to 2,500 parts per million. The
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HKFactSheetfinal3 - State of Illinois Rod R. Blagojevich,...

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