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Data Chart Final Report

Data Chart Final Report - After a minute or two the liquid...

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Observations on Synthesis of Gold Colloids Table 1 - Analysis of Gold Colloids in Solutions Appearance pH Wavelength (max Abs) 1M NaCl 1M HCl 2 770 nm 1M NaOH 1M Glucose Gold Colloid Reddish Purple 6 520 nm Table 2 The Hydrogen tetrachloroaurate (III) trihydrate is a clear, pale yellow liquid. When the sodium citrate is added the liquid initally turns clear.
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Unformatted text preview: After a minute or two the liquid is a deep red/burgundy. Some goldish flakes form on the surface of the liquid. Only about 10% of the surface is covered. Solution turns very dark purple, almost black. Some small dark flakes orm, stick to the stirrer. PPT sinks to bottom of vial leaving a purple-gray clear liquid....
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