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POLI 100 September Notes American Political Culture 1. How different should incomes be? 2. Wealth a. What constitutes wealth in a society? a.i. people having luxuries, resources, the workforce: human resources, natural resources, existing wealth, governmental infrastructure b. How wealthy is the US? c. What role does the government play in creating and destroying wealth? 3. Why did North America develop as it did? a. other continents had bigger land masses, 4. What is (are) our cultural tradition(s) as a nation of immigrants? a. have a ton of ethnic backgrounds but still a very strong Anglo-Saxon base; religious freedom; this country is basically “losers and misfits”:economic failures, those not wanted in other countries 5. Political culture and Political socialization a. Political Culture: refers to the politically relevant ideas and social practices characteristic of a society – habits of actions, norms of conduct, religious feelings, symbols of good and evil, family and child-rearing practices b. Political Socialization: the training of people in the ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving which are characteristic of a political culture 6. A grading decision – the one point question 7. The tragedy of the commons – people in a community have a communal land that gets exploited when one person tries to get ahead, in pursuing your own self interest even a reasonable way it hurts others a. global warming 8. What is a prisoner’s dilemma game? Two people are arrested for the same crime. They are separated so they cannot communicate. If they both confess they go to jail for 20 years. If they both hold-out, both will go to prison for five years. If one turns in the other, they’ll only get two years and the other will get 30. What is the most rational decision for them to make? a. if you only care about your own wellbeing, you’re better off confessing b. Nash equilibrium choice (row player and column player confess) and pareto optimal choice (row player and column player hold out) c. fits into tragedy of the commons because if you look out only for yourself then both are hurt a.i. Nash equilibria are sets of strategies for players in a non-cooperative game such that no single one of them would be better off switching strategies unless others did a.ii. an allocation of goods to individuals is pareto optimal if no other allocation of the same goods would be preferred by every individual, nobody could be made better off unless someone could be made worse off 9. What is politics?
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a. the authoritative allocation of values
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POLI 100 September notes - POLI 100 September Notes...

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