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Drama 116 Final Review 70-100 mc questions (matching, quotes, ages of drama) “Whom seek you” – Quem Quaertis Why people know the outcome of Oedipus? They were familiar with the myth Theme in Rising of the Moon – Unity of the Irish people Orchestra – the dancing circle Roman theater declined because of the rise of Christianity Classical Tragedy – Peripetia, Anagnorisis, Catharsis Sophocles – added the third actor Mystery plays – dramatized bible stories Chorus enter from Parados in Greek theater The hero gets what he wants but what he wants turns out to be destructive – peripeteia (the reversal) Iambic pentameter – 10 beats per lines Italian – proscenium arch “Who’s on first” – Lazzi
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Unformatted text preview: Actresses first appeared on the English stage after 1660 (Restoration) Soliloquy character on stage alone speaking his/her thoughts aloud Court masques Elizabethan period Know ages of Drama! Gas lights 19 th century theater (1800s) Realism ordinary people in ordinary situations Nell Gwynne famous actess in 17 th century; mistress of Henry VIII 1600s changes introduction of artificial light & indoor, year round theaters Neoclassicsm Well made play Eugene Scribe Mirrors in Angels when Prior and Harper share a hallucination Walking toward the audience, youre walking down stage (?)...
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