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Unformatted text preview: Music 142 Midterm III: Study Guide Robert Schumann – moved to Lezpig at age 19, severe injury to right hand hindered his ability to become a pianist, fell in love with Clara Wieck the daughter of his piano teacher, father Friedrich did not allow the marriage claiming schumann an alcoholic and unable to support her, composed Dichterliebe in 1840 using Henrich Heine’s Book of Songs, cycle of songs with a common theme, various stages of a unhappy love affair, uses short stanzas in which it displays the same poetic meter and rhyme scheme, strophic setting in which each stanza is sung to the same music, Piano not only supports the voice but also sets the mood and offers commentary Johannes Brahms- inherited leadership of Lezpig school, born in Hamburg, Otto Cossel was his first piano teacher who suggested he study composition with Eduard Marxsen , Hungarian refugee violinist Eduard Remenyl persuaded Brahms to accompany him on a European tour, met schumann in 1853 and he convinced him to study old theory music of bach, handel, Mozart, Beethoven, his neoclassicism culminated in A...
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