Music 142 final exam people

Music 142 final exam people - Music 142 Important People...

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Music 142 Important People Identified: La sacre du printemps by Igor Stravinsky Artur Rubinstein- classified the first world war as the epoch of ballets Serge Diaghilev-lead a company of Russian dancers in Paris; influenced whole artistic realm from music and painting to design Nicholas Roerich- painter, ethnographer, and archaeologist; worked with Stravinsky to develop the story behind right of spring Nijinsky- famous dancer; provided choreography of “primitive” dance moves to stand in direct contrast with classical ballet Samuel Barber: Concerto for violin and orchestra Sidney Homer – Samuel Barber’s uncle; composer George Boyle – Barber studied piano with him Fritz Reiner – taught voice, composition and conducting Gian Carlo Menotti – opera composer; met barber in 1928; became lifelong partners Arturo Toscanini – chose Barber’s first pieces for broadcast within NBC symphony Mary Bok Curtis – helped Barber and Menotti purchase an estate in Moun Kisko, New York Samuel Feis – American businessman; commissioned Barber in 1939 to work for his adopted son Iso Briselli – Samuel Feis’ adopted son, violin prodigy Eugene Ormandy – conducted the concierto with Philadelphia orchestra in 1941 Billy the Kid by Aaron Copland Nadia Bovianger – most influential teacher of the 20 th century (paris 1920) He established schuman, barber, and Bernstein Lincoln Kirstein- gay man who formed a touring dance company in 1936 (ballet caravan)
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Music 142 final exam people - Music 142 Important People...

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