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TEST 1 Study Guide - another cell and it worked really well...

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Lecture 1: -Scientific Process -Interdependencies o Producers, consumers, decomposers - Lecture 2: -Levels of Organization o Ecosystem, community, population, organism, organ system, organ, tissue, cellular level, chemical level -Domains o Archaea, bacteria, eukarya -Major Organic molecules o Proteins, nucleic acids, carbs, lipids -Chemical Bookkeeping o Particle charge, electron vancancies, reactants=> products, balancing chemical equation Lecture 3: -Nucleic Acids o DNA, RNA -Cell Theory o Danielli, fluid mosaic model o Enzymes Catalyst, substrate/enzyme interaction, factors affecting enzyme activity -Proteins o Amino acids, shape -Feedback o Positive, negative Lecture 4: -SA/V Ratio -Endomembrane system o Rough ER, smooth ER, golgi bodies, vesicles, lysosome -Nuclear DNA o Chromatin, chromosome, duplicated chromosome -Nucleus o Nuclear envelope, nucleolus, chromatin Lecture 5: -Endosymbiont Theory: at one time mitochondria and chloroplasts were once on their own, then they fused with
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Unformatted text preview: another cell and it worked really well; this theory is widely accepted because they have their own DNA-Chloroplast (only in plant cells)-How things move in and out of cells o Diffusion, osmosis, active transport-Hypertonic, Hypotonic, Isotonic o Peter (husband’s) injury: Broken thumb; irrigate-can’t pour distilled water on it bc cell would burst…use saline; exsanguinate- push blood down and THEN rubber band-Cytoskeleton-Mitochondria (in both plant and animal cells) Lecture 6:-BIG PICTURE of photosynthesis: o Electron Transport chain, Light Reactions, PS I, PS II, Dark reactions-Plant Parts o Leaf, Cuticle, Stomata, Chloroplast (and parts)-History of Photosynthesis-Separation of Charges PHOTOSYNTHESIS:-...
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TEST 1 Study Guide - another cell and it worked really well...

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