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Final Exam Potential Questions - Reli 207: Jesus in Myth,...

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Reli 207: Jesus in Myth, Tradition, and History 1. Choose any two of the Gospels of the New Testament and compare and contrast their portrayals of Jesus. Matthew vs. John a. Thesis: Matthew and John have the same basic story: Jesus preaches and performs miracles during his ministry and is arrested and crucified because Jewish leadership thinks he will cause trouble. Then he is Resurrected on the third day, revealing that he truly was the Messiah. The difference between the stories come in the details; the differences are quite numerous, as the authors are each trying to portray Jesus in the way they believed him to be. Matthew emphasizes that Jesus was the rejected Jewish Messiah that was human but became divine when God resurrected him from the dead, and John maintains that Jesus was a pre-existant being, The Word, made flesh and brought into the world by God to save humanity from its sins. b. Major Similarities i. Miracles (but signs in John)- feeds the 5,000, walking on the water are the same ii. Crucified and Resurrected iii. Betrayed by Judas iv. Barabbas released instead v. Skeleton is the same, but the details are very different. vi. During his ministry Jesus amasses a following, is arrested and tried because Jewish leadership feels threatened by him, is crucified under Pontius Pilate, and is then bodily Resurrected vii. Other stories/things overlap: the calling of the disciples (sort of), Peter’s three denials, the cleansing of the Temple (beginning of ministry in John, but at the end of his ministry in Matthew) viii. Things that are in Matthew but not in John: Baptism by John the Baptist, Temptation by the Devil/40 Days in the Wilderness, Preaching of the coming Kingdom of God, Parables, Exorcisms, Mount of Transfiguration (see his glorious self talking to Elijah), Last Supper (Jesus washes the disciples feet in John), Garden of Gethsemane, accused of blasphemy c. Birth narrative: i. Matthew: Gives Jesus’ genealogy from Abraham to David to Jesus (Jewish heritage), Mary became pregnant through the Holy Spirit, Joseph was going to divorce her, but in a dream an angel told him not to and that the child would save his people from their sins and should be named Jesus. His birth fulfilled a lot of prophecies from the Old Testament. They were in Bethlehem, 3 Magi come from the East following a star to witness his birth, Herod wants to kill Jesus so he declares a Massacre of the Infants, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus flee to Egypt. Later they were called out of Egypt and moved to Nazareth. ii. John does not include a birth narrative d. Preaching i. Matthew: talks in parables, very short winded, never explicitly says who he is 1. The theme of Jesus’ preaching is the Kingdom of God a. includes the Sermon on the Mount, the Beatitudes b. Matthew 13:10-15, Jesus tells his disciples that he will tell them the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but
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he speaks in parables to the people “because they look but do not see and hear but do not listen or understand.” ii.
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Final Exam Potential Questions - Reli 207: Jesus in Myth,...

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