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MIDTERM EXAM AFRO-AMERICAN STUDIES 102: THE BLACK EXPERIENCE (II) Dr. Perry A. Hall PART ONE: IDENTIFICATION: 3 POINTS EACH. Identify each term in one sentence or less 1. Indentured servant 2. 13 th Amendment 3. Andrew Johnson 4. Sharecropping 5. Thomas Moss 6. NACW 7. Hampton Institute 8. (Three) "push factors" re: urban migration 9. Niagara Movement 10. Buffalo soldiers PART TWO: SHORT ANSWER: FOUR POINTS EACH. Answer each question in one or two sentences 1. According to Dr. Hall, whose experiences form the "folk/popular" reference frames among different groups of blacks? 2. The lower-class African American citizens. 3. Explain why one sector of the northern white community was anti-slavery at the same time it was anti-black? 4. Morally, the northern white community was anti-slavery, but they did not accept blacks as equals. 5. Aside from the "3/5ths clause," name two laws or court decisions that indicate the critical influence the slaveholder elite had on national policy before the Civil War. 6.
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