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African American Terms

African American Terms - Indentured Servants people who...

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Indentured Servants- people who were contracted to a landowner to do labor and after their contracts were up they were free from the contract. Did not pay money though. 13 th Amendment - The amendment that officially abolished slavery. Andrew Johnson - Appointed governments that passed the black codes which classed blacks as second class citizens. Sharecropping- The system following the Civil War in which former slaves worked land owned by white people and paid for the use of the land and for tools, seeds, fertilizer, and mules by sharing the crop with the owner. Thomas Moss - NACW- National Association for Colored Women, founded by Harriet Tubman and Ida B. Wells for women suffrage and protesting of lynching and the Jim Crow laws. Hampton Institute - Historically black university that was established after the Civil War to provide education for freedmen. (Three) "push factors" re: urban migration - income was higher in the North, shortage of factory workers, FEPC laws were more enforced in the North Niagara Movement - Black civil rights organization founded in 1905 calling for an end to racial segregation and disfranchisement Buffalo soldiers - Four regiments of black soldiers that served with the U.S. Army on the western frontier from the 1870’s to the 1890’s. Missouri Compromise - A congressional attempt to settle the issue of slavery expansion in the United States by permitting Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state, admitting Maine
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