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Comm 140 notes 9:7

Comm 140 notes 9:7 - Comm 140 notes 9/7 The Business of...

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Comm 140 notes 9/7: The Business of Media How can a statue be a media event? - Why was it put there in the first place? Ex: remediate history; silent sam remediates unc’s history w/ civil war - meaning continues to change over time; meaning is social; meaning is emotional Media Models market and public sphere also media models all 4 models (above, cultural, transmission) useful and accurate models DON’T work in tandem Rvw: Cultural and Transmission Model difference btwn 2 models is context meaning is audience’s born into shared vocabularies; meanings inherited every new meaning/media born out of conditions of possibility for meanings and changes the world around us Market and the Public Sphere seems like models should go well together, but they don’t. why? Market model and public sphere model more “real” 2 separate competing visions for what media is/should be, yet not opposites prescriptive and descriptive models see pg. 39 chart market model- sees media as entertainment for private consumption - addresses media audiences as consumers w/ money to spend -
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