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Holy Theatre notes

Holy Theatre notes - modern time stressed b/c these rituals...

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Holy Theatre notes - bringing things to performance beyond words - usually see what we expect, but nothing goes beyond our dimension of what’s in front of us - showing, not telling - letting people feel the experience themselves - ritual: takes something invisible and makes it patent (sensuous, material presence) ex: communion bread body of Christ and water blood of Christ for purpose of reverence, acceptance, becoming one w/ Christ, identification - in the West, theatre evolved out of rituals i.e. harvest festivals, festivals of orgys?! - in England, theatre came out of church rituals i.e. scene from Christ’s life performed acting scenes on carts in parades
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Unformatted text preview: - modern time stressed b/c these rituals have lost some of their fire- as an audience member you can choose your level of participation (ex: is this play about me?) but ritual everyone actively participates and is a collective experience- happening: a theatrical event that seems unplanned, though probably planned by a few people ex: flash mob, singing the alma mater Rough Theatre Notes-remember it is just a play,-things will go wrong b/c it is in the moment-less of illusion to sweep us out of ourselves-Brook/Brecht doesn’t want you to become immersed, but be a critical audience member/witness-Improvisation-Audience participation-...
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