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Ad notes 1:20 - JOMC 137 Agencies and the Ad Industry 1...

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JOMC 137 1/20/12- Agencies and the Ad Industry 1. Written Assignment due February 8 th a. Go to, “Winner’s Showcase” on the left side a.i. Pick a case study of Effie Award winners, choose one you’re interested in a.ii. Provide a summary of the case study, look up information about the ad agency that created the campaign, why was this case effective? a.ii.1. Include Ogilvy and consumer criteria from class discussion, everything else will be from the book (Chapter 4) 2. Key Players a. Client a.i. CMO- Chief Marketing Officer oversees all marketing efforts b. The Agency b.i. Full-service b.i.1. Advertising, public relations, etc. b.ii. Specialized b.ii.1. Mind Share- focus on nothing but media planning b.iii. In-house b.iii.1. Working inside a larger company b.iii.1.a. Target has its own ad agency b.iv. Agency atmosphere- advertising agency buildings are often very creative and open, not your traditional cubicle office- recreational areas, outdoor eateries b.iv.1. TWBA/Chiat/Day c. Media Organizations c.i. Sell advertising space for media networks like NBC, ABC, ESPN d. Outside Facilitators d.i. Those that work on the actual production of the ad- photographers, editors, directors of commercials d.ii. Marketing research firms do data analysis and surveying for ad agencies 3. Advertising Is A Serious Business a. 2010 U.S. ad spending was $131 billion on conservative advertising alone
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Ad notes 1:20 - JOMC 137 Agencies and the Ad Industry 1...

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