Week 11 Queering Gender

Week 11 Queering Gender - Week11:QueeringGender 18:12...

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Week 11: Queering Gender 18:12 Queering Masculinity 2009 How people understood their own personalities that don’t fit the neat dichotomies of  male and female. Be conscious of volume levels. Use mass media Man on the street interviews Queering Reappropriated from anti-gay epithet Challenge codes of gender Male/female dichotomy Roles for gay/lesbian/bisexual Challenge heteronormativity: assumption that being straight is normal Heterosexual is normal/natural Invisibility of straightness Attempting to mark homosexuality Heteronormativity in society: gay marriage law (healthcare, access to hospitals), popular  mainstream movies have male/female romances, idea of nuclear family, issues of  bathrooms. The Queer Bathroom Monologues 2010 Sheila L Cavanagh Interviews are done with GBLTS people, gender and open-ended bathrooms where a  spoken word is created. Think about: the power of experience. Challenge heteronormativity? Forces at work in 
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Week 11 Queering Gender - Week11:QueeringGender 18:12...

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