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Exam2_08_Sol.1 - is an example of b regularity 8 Public...

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ENGR 112 TEST 2 (answers) 1. On a graphical window 800 wide by 600 high the lower right-hand corner is at coordinates. c. (799, 599) 2. The code in Graph.h d. all of the above 3. void f(int x); tells us d. f does not return a value 4. User-defined types a. are indicated by class or struct 5. Arguments to a function may be passed d. any of the above 6. Classes Line , Axis , Polygon , etc. derive from class Shape. d. all of the above 7. Having the first argument almost always be a Point
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Unformatted text preview: is an example of b. regularity 8. Public members of a class or struct b. are visible anywhere in the class, even above the declaration 9. An expression which changes the value of a variable c. may not be on the left-hand side of an = 10. A constructor d. all of the above 11. Attaching graphical objects to a Simple_window d. all of the above 12. using namespace std; a. tells the compiler to look for std::foo if foo is not defined...
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