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13. An invariant a. is a rule for what constitutes a valid value 14. A function activation record d. is created when a function is called that is not inlined 15. Given the code enum Month{jan=1,feb,mar,apr,may,jun,jul,aug,sep,oct,nov,dec}; Month f(Month& m){return Month((m%12) + 1);} what does f(Month::dec) return? b. Month::jan 16. The keyword static on a local variable c indicates that it is only created the first time the function is entered
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Unformatted text preview: 17. Default initialization d. all of the above 18. The scope resolution operator is b. :: 19. Another name for free store is b. heap 20. A vector header file e. none of the above 21. double f(double); d. declares a function f of one double returning a double 22. A const member function a. is not allowed to change the data members 23. An operator== should generally return a. a bool...
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