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Exam2_08_Sol.4 - b by setting a minimum of n output...

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cin.clear(); char ch; while (cin >> ch) { if (isdigit(ch)) { cin.unget(); return; } } } } The purpose of the while loop in the above code is to e. point the standard input stream to the first digit in the stream and return 42. An important question to repeatedly ask in software development is e. Where is the best place to locate functions? 43. Customizing input/output refers to d. any of the above 44. The endl output manipulator is equivalent to c. '\n' << flush 45. The setw(n) manipulator controls how much space a value takes up
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Unformatted text preview: b. by setting a minimum of n output characters for the field width 46. Using the open flags ios_base::in|ios_base::out|ios_base::binary opens a file for b. binary input/output 47. The output of cout << scientific << setprecision(4) << 12.3456; is a. 1.2346e+001 48. Knowing the bit pattern for the text character '4' has a decimal value of 52, which choice pertains to a text file and not a binary file? c. 00110100 49. A default constructo r d. all of the above...
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