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CPSC 121 Exam 2 Review Key e. This statement causes an error 13. The standard library function isgraph(c) returns true if c is a. Any printable character (including space) b. A control character c. A punctuation character d. A graphic character (point, line, or space) e. Any printable character (excluding space) 14. When working with data files, which is generally easier and less error prone? a. Read and write files from the beginning to end. b. Figure out exactly which piece of data you need to change in the file and only change that data. c. Produce a whole new file containing the change you need to make in the data. d. Never change data, whatever the data is when you get it, that is the way it should stay. e. Both (a) and (c) are good strategies when you want to read, write, or change data in a file. 15. What does the following code fragment do? int main() { Point t1(100, 100); Simple_window win(t1, 600, 400, “Canvas”); } a. It creates a point and displays it on the screen b. It creates a window and displays it on the screen
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