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CPSC 121 Exam 2 Review Key d. declare a new name for an existing variable e. None of the above Short answer 19. What is wrong with this code fragment? The “catch all exceptions” catch has been placed before the “catch specific exceptions” catch. All exceptions will be caught by the … and none by the logic_error, which defeats the purpose of it being there. The logic_error catch should be placed first. try { //some code goes here } catch(…) { cerr << “Exception!\n”; keep_window_open(); return 1; } catch(const logic_error& e) { cerr << “Logic error: “ << e.what() << “\n”; keep_window_open(); return 2; } 20. Write a function (call it swapie( )) that takes two doubles as arguments and swaps their values; i.e., if
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Unformatted text preview: x == 14 and y == 7 before you call swapie( ), then after you call swapie( ) x == 7 and y == 14. void swapie( double& a, double& b) { double temp; temp = a; a = b; b = temp; } 21. Given the partial code below, add lines of code to complete the square. Polygon p; //closed shape p.add(200, 200); p.add(200, 300); p.add(300, 300); p.add(300, 200); 22. It is sometimes said that a programmer is someone who cannot tell the difference between Halloween and Christmas, so what is the output of the following? cout << oct << 031 << \n; cout << dec << 25 << \n; 31 25...
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