Prelim Questions (lecture 13)

Prelim Questions (lecture 13) - 13.3 An increase in...

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13.1 The Maillard reaction is A) The non enzymatic addition of sugars to amine groups. B) The enzymatic addition of sugars to proteins C) Responsible for the color and aroma of sautéed onions D) Responsible for the color of toast E) All but B. 13.2 A free radical is A) A chemical with an unpaired electron B) A chemical with 4 bonds C) A nitrogen containing chemical D) A amino acid E) A chemical that splits the ose from glucose
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Unformatted text preview: 13.3 An increase in Advanced Glycated Endproducts (AGEs) have been correlated with A) Alzheimer’s disease B) Atherosclerosis C) Diabetes D) Heart Disease E) All of the above. 13.4 Antioxidants: A) Kill chain reactions initiated by free radicals B) Inhibit harmful oxidation reactions C) Include vitamins C and E D) Remain stable E) All of the above...
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