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EXAM II Sample Exam 2-2 Dr. V. Williamson © Vickie M. Williamson 2007, All Rights Reserved FORM is EXAM II VERSION 2 (v2) 1. DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL DIRECTED TO DO SO. 2. These tests are machine graded; therefore, be sure to use a No. 1 or 2 pencil for marking the answer sheets. 3. Completely blacken the answer circle. If you change an answer, erase completely the previous mark. 4. If you have a pink test, test form A should be darkened (B for Blue), if it is not, notify your instructor immediately. 5. Fill in your last name, first name, and initial. Blacken the corresponding letters below. 6. Fill in your ID number. CAREFULLY, blacken the corresponding numbers below . 7. Fill in the Dept. Course No. and Section. The Dept. = CHEM, the Course No. = 101, and your section refers to your lab section. 8. If you want your scores posted by a portion of your ID #, mark A under the option column. 9.
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