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Exam 4-2.4 - 200 Which statement is CORRECT A The...

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Sample Exam 4-2 Dr. V. Williamson © Vickie M. Williamson 2007, All Rights Reserved 12. One proposal for energy sources involves collecting steam from volcanic vents and harnessing the energy given off when the steam condenses to liquid water. Calculate the energy given off when 10.0 grams of steam at 100°C cools to liquid water at 25°C. Sp. heat of H 2 O(s) = 2.09 J/g *°C Sp. heat of H 2 O (l) = 4.18 J/ g *°C Sp. heat of H 2 O (g) = 2.03 J/g *°C heat of fusion of H 2 O = 333 J/g heat of vap. of H 2 O = 2260 J/g A. 2.90 x 10 4 J B. 3.33 x 10 3 J C. 2.26 x 10 4 J D. 2.57 x 10 4 J E. 3.14 x 10 3 J 13. Which one of the following substances would be the most soluble in CH 3 OH? 14. The melting points of four different substances are given in the table. Substance boiling point (in ° C) A 45 B 117 C 160 D 200 Which statement is CORRECT?
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Unformatted text preview: 200 Which statement is CORRECT? A. The intermolecular forces between C molecules should be greater than those between D molecules. B. Substance B should evaporate before A. C. The surface tension of C should be greater than that of B. D. The viscosity of A should be more than that of C. E. All are false. 15. Which pair of substances is correctly arranged with the highest melting point first? A. H 2 S, H 2 O B. Ar, Xe C. NaF, MgO D. CO 2 , SiO 2 E. KCl, PCl 3 16. The reaction used in the deployment of auto air bags is the decomposition of NaN 3 to produce nitrogen gas. How many liters of nitrogen gas at 1.15 atm and 30°C are produced by the decomposition of 145 g of NaN 3 ? (Molar mass of NaN 3 = 65.0 g/mol) 2NaN 3 (s) --> 2Na (s) + 3N 2 (g) A. 1.2 L B. 72.4 L C. 48.3 L D. 2.23 L E. 108 L...
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