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Exam 4-2.5 - 19 For the hypothetical reaction the atomic...

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Sample Exam 4-2 Dr. V. Williamson © Vickie M. Williamson 2007, All Rights Reserved 17. The following reactions occur for the hypothetical element E: 2EO(g) ! H° = -333 kJ 2E(1) + O 2 (g) EO 3 (s) ! H° = -196 kJ EO(g) + O 2 (g) What is H° in kJ for the reaction 2E(l) + 30 2 (g) 2 EO 3 (s)? A. -137 B. -526 C. +725 D. +526 E. -725 18. Which of the following is INCORRECT? A. 2.24 L of any gas at STP is approximately equal to 0.10 moles of the gas. B. Real gases possess interactions between the molecules. C. The ideal gas law must be corrected for fact that gases actually take up space, which reduces the volume in the container that is available for molecular movement. D. The vapor pressure of a liquid depends only on the temperature and on the amount of the liquid. E. With a large burner, water will not boil over 100 degrees C.
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Unformatted text preview: 19. For the hypothetical reaction, the atomic weight of X is 66.6 amu. 3X 2 (g) --> 2X 3 (g) ∆ H ° = -333 kJ Find ∆ H for the conversion of 11.1 g of X 3 Gas into X 2 gas. A. +9.25 kJ B. -9.25 kJ C. +2.00 kJ D. -333 kJ E. -2.00 kJ 20. When 72 g of a metal a t 97.0°C is added t o 100 g of water a t 25.0°C the final temperature is found to be 29.1°C. What is the heat capacity per gram of the metal? (Heat capacity of H 2 O = 4.184 J/g - °C ) A. 2.8 B. 2.0 C. 4.184 D. 0.35 E. 0.46 21. Which of the following changes always results in a NEGATIVE ∆ Esys? A. the system absorbs heat and there is no work done B. the system gives off heat and does work on the surroundings C. the system absorbs heat and does work on the surroundings D. the system absorbs heat and has work done on it E. the system gives off heat and has work done on it...
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