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Kathryn Beddow Professor Crombie English 1102 19 September 2011 Fighting the “Dead-Beat-Dad” Stereotype for Custody There are countless children whose parents are not together, and most of those children live with their mothers. Nearly every state in the US grants custody to the mother, over the father, and presents challenges for the father if he attempts to gain custody. The laws should allow fathers to gain custody of their children without so many obstacles, because, in several instances, the child(ren) would be better off with their father. By becoming a mother, carrying a child inside of you for 40 weeks, it is believed that you bond with your child and “maternal instincts” take over. However, there are some instances where being the biological mother means nothing and holds little attachment. Instances of mothers killing their children are more prevalent than fathers killing their children. The 2009 report from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, concluded that in that year 27.3 percent of child deaths resulted from abuse perpetrated by the mother, compared to only 14.8 percent of fathers (Mom Houston). Another falsehood, is that mothers provide more for their children and the best welfare/care one can receive is with the mother. Since most children spend more time with their mothers, especially at a young age, stability of the environment is questioned. Courts tend to favor the mother due to maternal bonds, stability (since father’s are viewed as being more distant from aspects of child rearing) and the level of care and attention
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Eng Paper 1 - Kathryn Beddow Professor Crombie English 1102...

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