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unit 6 self eval and grade recommendation

unit 6 self eval and grade recommendation - my Associate in...

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Kathryn Beddow Major American Writers—J. Pekins Unit 6 December 15, 2011 Self-Evaluation When it came to this unit, my approach was the same as that to the last several units. I had to divide the work into smaller portions, in order to conquer it easier. I read the chapter introduction and responded to it; then I selected the appropriate number of writers from the lists in the assignment book and formed my reading list. After handwriting those two assignments, I typed, saved and printed them—setting them aside as completed. The next day I read pieces that I had selected, and responded to them one by one, as I read them. After completing all of the readings and responses, I typed up the paragraphs and was very relieved. Having this unit completed is one step closer to having this course completed, and having
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Unformatted text preview: my Associate in Arts. I am proud of myself and of the work that I have put in. The time and efforts that I have invested in this unit is well worth it to me, and I hope that will be reflected in my grade on this unit. I always strive for the highest grade possible, and with this unit I feel as though I have truly earned an A, whether that is a ten, eleven or twelve—in my opinion it should be an eleven or twelve. I would fully recommend a course like this, and am considering taking another course that is similar to this one in coming semesters. I hope that my goal of making an overall grade of a B or an A is achieved, and that my efforts do not go unnoticed or lost....
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  • Fall '11
  • ProfessorPekins
  • Associate's degree, 1990s music groups, Associate in Arts, Kathryn Beddow, Major American Writers—J

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