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unit 6 chap intro response - sweeter I feel that this unit...

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Kathryn Beddow Unit 6 AML2301—J. Pekins December 14, 2011 Chapter Introduction Response I truly liked this section. I prefer more recent history, as well as more recent and contemporary writings. The more that I have read from this textbook, the more inspired I have grown to work on my own writings. The fact that so much information is contained in this introduction was a bit overwhelming but I found it useful and interesting. I intend to use the inspiration and knowledge that I have acquired from this unit to continue my pursuits in literature and all other areas of my life. This unit’s introduction has been my favorite. All of the other introductions have not been as relatable or interesting; for the most part they were informative but boring and dry. I am glad that the final unit has such a nice introduction—it makes the conclusion of this course much
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Unformatted text preview: sweeter. I feel that this unit has added great meaning to all f the work that I have put into this course. Luckily, I do not feel that I have wasted my time or efforts by investing them into this unit, and into this course overall. I took notes while reading this introduction, just as I have done with all previous units, but I will enjoy finding additional information on topics that I pulled out of this unit, far more than I have other topics. I am not a fan of research, to be honest, but I like to learn new things, in new ways. I am currently looking for exhibits, lectures and more on topics that I have been exposed to thanks to this reading, so that I may better my life while gaining more knowledge....
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