unit 5 self eval and grade recommendation

unit 5 self eval and grade recommendation - less stress....

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Kathryn Beddow Unit 5 AML2301—John Pekins December 13, 2011 Self-Evaluation As I have spent more and more time with this course, I have developed techniques for completing work effectively and quickly while still gaining all that I can from the material. First, I write down what I need to read, with page numbers, on an index card. Granted, I blindly select my readings, I am still prepared and a little more excited to see what is ahead. Next, I read the introduction and respond, then formalize my reading list from the index card(s). I have began breaking up all of the readings into two days, so I have more time to read all of the pieces and
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Unformatted text preview: less stress. Once I have completed all of the readings and responses, I move on to the self evaluation and grade recommendation. In regard to the self evaluation and grade recommendation, I examine what sort of effort I have put in. As with all previous units, I have invested a lot of the time and effortabsorbing knowledge, reading a variety of writing by an even larger assortment of writers. I put thought and effort into my responses and have pushed myself very hard. I feel I deserve a B or an A on this unitan eight or higherdue to my drive, persistence and great efforts that I have invested....
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