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Kathryn Beddow Unit 5 AML2301—John Pekins December 13, 2011 Chapter Introduction The early twentieth century revolutionized a lot of things in America. Right for minorities—African Americans and women primarily—were expanded; political influences changed the scene around the world, and cultural arenas were growing as well. The founding of a variety of groups—the NAACP for example—and new constitutional amendments—such as the 19 th amendment granting women the right to vote—assisted in countless changes. Wars also helped expand American culture and ideals. For instance, WWII gave women the opportunity to work outside of the home, boosted the economy and provided a flurry of topics for literary figures. Among the varying topics that were addressed in this half century, some were key to
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Unformatted text preview: popular writings. The pieces mentioned in this unit’s introduction are rather well known. I have read some of the pieces before, such as “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “The Souls of Black Folks.” Furthermore, I have read several other writers named as well. Thankfully, being familiar with some of these works and writers make me look forward to the reading ahead. Despite my previously acquired knowledge, I found this introduction much like those before it—long, informative and dry. I can say, at least, that these introductory pages fulfilled their duty to provide background information and add knowledge to the reader, in a condescended format....
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