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Kathryn Beddow Elementary French Prof. J. O’Leary October 4, 2011 “Vatel” “Vatel” is a tale of a simple man who works hard to please his prince, and king, but falls in love with a mistress of the king’s. Although only a few discover the sins committed by Vatel with Anne, the king’s mistress, the tale ends poorly for Vatel, when he takes his own life. Honor is a key theme throughout the movie. At the start of the movie, Vatel claims that Prince de Conde was a man of honor; however, very little in the movie supports such a claim. Prince de Conde may be considered one of the best general in France, but he accumulated massive debts, had no money; he had excessive demands, even of the king, and bet Vatel in a card game. None of those documented any sort of honor. Animals were another theme that flowed through “Vatel.” The first appearance of an animal, was the king’s dog, that made a few appearances but did not contribute much to the film. Birds were used a great deal, as well. Anne’s canaries were the first birds to appear.; small, of a light yellow color, and cooped-up in a cage they exhibited Anne’s situation of being trapped as the queen’s lady-in-waiting and the king’s mistress. When the queen ordered Anne to give the doctor her canaries for the prince’s gout treatment, she did as she was told—feeling that their fate was sealed, while also growing concerned about the king’s lack of attention towards her since
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Movie Paper - Kathryn Beddow Elementary French Prof J...

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