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Cultural Event Paper - Eastern influences whereas...

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Kathryn Beddow Elementary French 1 Prof. J. O’leary October 3, 2011 Cirque de Soliel: Dralion When first given the assignment to gain a cultural experience relating to France and the Elementary French 1 course, limited options came to mind. Tallahasse does not seem to offer much authentic experiences, so when the Cirque de Soliel: Darlion came to town, excitement arose. According to the troupe’s website this particular show is a combination of East and West. Throughout the show, the influences of both are easily spotted. The Asian performers, the colorful attire, the drums and music—it all brings each hemisphere to life right before your eyes. The amazing acrobatics add to the experience, and remind one of the more traditionally seen Riglin Brother’s Circus that most Americans relate to, and attend. The names of the characters also assist in merging the Western and Eastern influences; “Little Buddha” brings in the more
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Unformatted text preview: Eastern influences, whereas L’Ame-Force brings in France and a little of the Western influence. Three of the creators are French, from Quebec; another was previously an instructor for Montreal’s National Circus School. Two others are from other parts of Canada, and all of the others—eleven co-creators total—have some sort of background in French life, acrobats, circus acts, etc. Going in to the arena, expectations were low. I had not witnessed anything other than the traditional Riglin Brother’s Circus; I was merely hoping to be awed and entertained. My husband, however, stated that he was afraid of being bored, but was surprised at how much he liked it. I loved all of the vivid colors, acrobatics, flying and rope swing acts and the music was incredible; the band did a good job, but the male and female that did the majority of the singing were both absolutely wonderful!...
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Cultural Event Paper - Eastern influences whereas...

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