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INSTRUCTIONS FOR CP ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSIONS Your properly completed assignment is due no later than Sunday February 6 th at Midnight (i.e. before February 7 th ) . Assignments received after the deadline are subject to having points deducted as specified in the syllabus. To receive full credit for the assignment, you must do the following : 1. Type your name on the top of the first page where indicated. 2. Spell and grammar check your work to make sure you have answered all questions, in full sentences, before you submit your work. Make sure that what you submit is your own work. Do not plagiarize or “copy and paste” without proper attribution. Assignments will be checked by an automated plagiarism checker. 3. Save your completed assignment with a new file name in the following format: “Last Name First Initial CRJU E314CP1”, as appropriate for the word processing software you are using. Thus, my assignment, saved as a Microsoft Word 2007 file, would be named “smithwcrjue314cp1.docx” Your document may be saved as an MS Word (.doc or .docx file extensions), WordPerfect (.wpd file extension), Rich Text (.rtf file extension) or Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf file extension) file. I will not accept Microsoft Works (.wps file extension) files. If you are using Microsoft Works, you will need to convert your completed assignment to a Rich Text file. You may do this by clicking “Save As” and then specifying Rich Text (.rtf) as the format in which the file is to be saved. -Do not copy and paste the assignment into the body of an e-mail.
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This note was uploaded on 02/20/2012 for the course CRJU E314 taught by Professor Mr.smith during the Spring '11 term at South Carolina.

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