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The Tombs at Sutton Hoo Epic Poem- Beowulf oldest surviving poem in English literature it used to be performed orally by poems who had committed to memory Hard to gage date due to oral records, manuscript was written in 1000 Anglo Saxon- old English (written) Beowulf is a Scandinavian prince, becomes king of geatland Beowulf is Christian emphasis on precious stones, especially gold Sutton Hoo archaeological dig, most finds are Europe excavations started at 1938, found burial sight of an anglo saxon king in 1939 Royal Burial focus found in Mound one, believed to be King Raedwald of East Anglia believed to be overlords of the other kingdoms of the area Raedwald was buried in a ship or a ship burial had a shallow draft so it can float up shallow water ways design of ship showed that Anglo Saxons of this period were expert seamen Ship burial is only found in East Anglia and Scandanavia parallel to Beowulf Wuffinga Raedwald’s dynasty, mentioned in Beowulf
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Unformatted text preview: ● Scandinavian helmet found in Raedwald’s grave site which suggests Scandinavian connections ● jewlery and luxories from the tomb show Raedwalds connections to celtic, byzantine, and Scandinavian origins thus creating a hypothesis of heavy trade contacts with these civilizations ● Raedwald’s burial is Pagan ● Wic- trading place, suffix for a trading place Take Aways ● The finds of sutton hoo shows beowulf’s evidence of extensive travel and culture in the north sea society in the seventh and eigth centuries are substancitated by the finds of sutton hoo which are the products of a wide range commercial network ● This network was at its height whe ● Northern europe has more wide ranging commerce and wealth than medditeranean europe and this is a factor of a shift of european power toward the north in this period ● Ethnogenesis works in many directions. its not always the straight forward...
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