Bianchini12612 - Economy and Society at the Millenium...

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Economy and Society at the Millenium Europe in the year 1000 is where we start No such thing as Great Britain England is ruled by the Anglo Saxons who are descended from the Anglos and the Saxons Caliphate of Cordola is Al- Andalus Muslim power (Al- Andalus) Christian kingdoms were smaller and poorer than Al-Andalus Kingdom of the franks- frankland-france does not correspond to modern france Franks were the most powerful Chrisitan people of the time due to Charlegmanges guidance Holy Roman came from the union of the Holy EMperors and the popes Desired to be a successor to the classical roman empire East- Roman empire is still strong, the folks who lived here considered themselves Romans Refer to them as Byzantines and their home as the Byzantine empire society and culture in western Europe as a whole will be talked about now lordship- system where a weaker but free person seeks protection from a stronger and they receive that protection in exchange for service and loyalty lordship is not new, its exists everywhere and becomes the shaping tool of the middle ages benefice- something given in exchange for service (over extended period of time) comes from the latin word beneficium meaning doing someone a favor benefice is usually land, and as you go forward in the middle ages its more and more likely to be land if the benefice is land is can be known as a fief latin word from fief and feudum which is where feudalism comes from
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Bianchini12612 - Economy and Society at the Millenium...

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