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Investiture Conflict Peace movement- is case where where it come from church hierarchy and popular will. response to lordship tension Lords beat up on peasants Christianity emphasizes non violence and protection of the poor so church feels obligated to protect poor from knights. violence means king’s have lost order over knights 989- Bishops create the Council of Chrarroux, popular enthusiasm. The council come up with three major decrees church property should be protected the clergy should be protected do not steal peasants animals these three things are the basis for the Peace of God the peace of God is popular (really?) in a few decades, the peace of God morphs into the truce of God. Peace of God limits what can be attacked, the truce of God determines when violence can not occur. Thursday- Monday is sacred, knights can not attack anything true for certain saint’s days, and on these days the only violence allowed is violence with the purpose of peace in practice, they work together but arose separately For reasons that we do not understand, the high middle ages, sees the outbreak of new forms of spirituality prior , the christian images of god focused on God as supreme judge and ruler shift toward the humanity of jesus, particularly on his suffering increased use of crucifixes, objects of personal piety emotional, personal connection to God through suffering cult of virgin mary takes off here Mary is seen as supremely merciful, believed to be able to intercede with Jesus for sinners increasing number of churches dedicated to her Benedictine monastiscism membership of benedictine comes from nobility founding of monasteries come from nobles, monasteries founded by nobles expected perks, (marriage and burial rights there) donations: monasteries get gifts from secular donors in exchange for benefits. monks and nuns pray, but praying for benefactors get them tied to secular world. Also, more land they have, the more they have to govern as secular lords. lose their spiritually fades church community responds by trying to reform and revive monasticsiam, based in benedictine rule French monastery of CLun, first attempt to reform Benedictine monasticism here Benedictine rule: separte from secular authority and prayer
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Bianchini2712 - Investiture Conflict Peace movement- is...

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