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BianchiniHist11113112 (1) - Imperial Christianity...

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Imperial Christianity centralized power- headquarters in one area, controls area from there impersonal power- power not rooted in a single individual personal power- “ is “ “ ‘ ‘ “ polytheist/paganism- romans didnt like christians because christianity was new as opposed to judaism which was traditional and old because the christians worshipped a “criminal” and early christians were anti roman as well around 300, persecutions died down and christianity spread and they began to be integrated in the roman empire Constantine (312) got a vision from christian God, converted and won the battle of milvian bridge Constantine was the first christian roman emperor Arius- father of arianism, followers of arius were arians they believed that jesus was not eternal Slogan : there was a time when he was not (jesus) 325: council of Nicea heresy; manicheans: founder was mani, native of persian empire, hybrid of christianity, buddist,
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BianchiniHist11113112 (1) - Imperial Christianity...

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