Bianchini13112 - The Norman Conquest begin with tenth...

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The Norman Conquest begin with tenth century in the tenth century, England had been dominated by the Anglo Saxons in the ninth century, anglo saxons repelled vikings and established england history of england= history of emma of Normanday Emma of Normandy became a queen by marrying the Aethelred II or Unready (king of England) Aethelred was nto able to protect england from the danes by the time he dies in 1016, he was in a losing battle with the danes for control of england danes obtained england and Canute ruled as king by conquest to legitimize his rule, he married emma for emma, this was a good move instead of being a weak widdow for canute, marrying a rich widow is good for his status and he himself is powerful he became king of denmark, england norway, and some of sweden although canute was a dane, he followed anglo saxon tradition within england (was christian, respected exisiting customs, patronized english monasteries) When Canute, emma had one sone with him and two sons with Aethelred Canute had another son with another woman but emma worked hard to get her son on the throne but when her son died, she had her other son edward the confessor to rule (only surviving son) son of Aethelred and emma is a major power because she put two of her sons on the throne after canutes death in perfect sucession anglo saxon admin was centralized kingdom was divided into shires or counties shires of the admin units of england each shire is headed by a sheriff who is in charge the word sheriff comes from the word shire reeve usually sheriff is local from shire he collects revenue from kings estates and taxes that are owed to the king, he summon the military force of the shire when the king needs and presides over the shire court admin of justice is an important perogative of the king (royal right) each shire had a court and was presided over by the sheriff, the rest of the court was held by powerful land owners of the shire. local elites so they understand the local goin ons sheriff is combo of local and king influence and power
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Bianchini13112 - The Norman Conquest begin with tenth...

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