agonists and antagonists

agonists and antagonists - Facilitate(agonize by-chemical...

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agonists and antagonists chemicals that modulate neuronal communication drugs or chemicals that either facilitate or interfere with communication between nerve cells antagonists- chemicals that interfere with or slow down communications agonists- drugs or chemicals that facilitate communication between neurons interfere (antagonize) by: - block receptors on the post synaptic neuron - speed the process of reuptake - chemical that helps to break down the neurotransmitter when it is in the synapse so it has a shorter duration of time in the synapse and duration of time that it spends stimulating the post synaptic neuron
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Unformatted text preview: Facilitate (agonize) by-chemical that mimic the effects of a nerutransmitter, rather than blocking, we can have a chemical that acts or looks just like a neurotransmitter-chemical that slows the process of reuptake, so the neurotransmitter spends a longer time in the synapse and has a stronger effect-incraseing the amount of neurotransmitter that gets released when an action potential fires anything that increases the effect of a neurotransmitter is an agonist and anything that interferes with or slows down the effect of a neruotransmitter is an antagonist...
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