Lecture 10 - 03:10 Intelligence Howdoyoudefineintelligence?

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03:10 Intelligence How do you define intelligence? How would you go about measuring intelligence? How Do You Think About Intelligence? Are you an. . Entity Theorist - Intelligence fixed Incremental Theorist - Intelligence variable What is Intelligence? The ability to learn from experience The ability to adapt to the surrounding environment David Wechsler- “Intelligence is the global capacity of the individual to act purposefully,  to think rationally, and to deal effectively with the environment” Francis Galton Intelligence was composed of 2 qualities: the capacity for labor (strength) and sensitivity  to the physical stimuli- theory is wrong James Cattell brought Galton’s ideas to the U.S. Cattell wanted to test the theory and proposed a series of 50 different psychophysical  tests, that included hand strength, rate of arm movement, distance threshold for  detecting two distinct skin pressure points
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Lecture 10 - 03:10 Intelligence Howdoyoudefineintelligence?

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