Lecture 12 - parallel processing Sadness is not withdrawal...

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03:11 Biological bases for Emotion Early Work Sodium amytal studies Left inactivation- catastrophic reaction Right inactivation- euphoria or indifference Diamond and Farrington- restricted visual field Emotion and Cerebral Laterality Richard J. Davidson Asymmetry in response to emotional activation Fear and disgust produce right frontal activation Happiness produces left frontal activation Infants responses to tastes Left anterior- approach related emotions- interest, happiness, anger Right anterior- withdrawal related emotions- fear, disgust- everything happens at once, 
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Unformatted text preview: parallel processing Sadness is not withdrawal but rather a lack of approach Frontal asymmetry predicts emotional responsiveness Left frontal subjects report more positive reactions to positive films Right frontal subjects report more negative reactions to negative films Similar findings seen in infants Asymmetry predicts infants responses to maternal separation Amygdala- role in emotional arousal, fear and disgust, people with damage to amygdala have trouble identifying emotions 03:11 03:11...
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Lecture 12 - parallel processing Sadness is not withdrawal...

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