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350 Notes - governed by general will The undertakings that...

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Rousseau- Social Contract Give up individual freedoms to be part of an association But will gain more and be freer by being part of it All of us no matter our age are always being shaped by the association- always time and room to grow If you treat them as needy they will become needy If you treat them as if they have something to contribute they will act like it - in place of individual personality, act of association creates moral collective body- that act of getting together means that people wrangle with each others life styles, see that there’s a reason WHY kids don’t read well- walking in someone else’s shoes begins to shape the way we look at social problems, together we become better Social contract- natural freedom based on instinct and self exchanged for moral freedom
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Unformatted text preview: governed by general will The undertakings that bind us to the social body are obligatory only because they are mutual: and their nature is such that in fulfilling them we cannot work for others without working for ourselves interdependence Tocqueville Aristocracy- wealthy and powerful few Democracy- public associations are essential, individuals acting alone are feeble and powerless, without associations freedom is sacrificed to dependence on government IN OUR CBO- if we feel like we are only helping people, that is not a sustainable society, people get tired of simply giving- need to gain something from the work Short essay relating readings to work in your CBO...
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