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Andrea Morris Inter-HE 350 11/13/11 Reflection I really enjoyed some of the readings this week and thought that some of the ideas were very interesting and are very applicable and apparent in our society. In the Shelby Steele reading I really liked the point that she made about the formula about things lost in power are gained in innocence. She noted the drawback in this formula to be that it binds the victim to his victimization by linking his power to his status as a victim. I think that this is so clear in our society and that in order to truly have a society in which everyone is truly equal this idea has to be broken down. This is also true for the idea demonstrated in the Peggy McIntosh reading about privileges. While in our society people are constantly working to help other groups gain freedoms and advantages, they are at the same time
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Unformatted text preview: unwilling to compromise any of their advantages in this pursuit. Because of this we are never able to have a society with full equality. In the Robert Reich reading about the succession of the top 20%, he made the point that today “we” and ”they” are part of two very different communities and that the work of the upper class is becoming more and more disconnected from the activities of other groups. He noted that most voluntary contributions from the upper class go to places that once again benefit themselves such as theatres and hospitals. While after reading this piece I am able to see what he is saying, I think that he fails to give any credit to those working to help and provide services to the lower classes and to the non-profit sector, which has grown substantially over time....
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