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Andrea Morris Op-Ed 1 st Draft The development of social networking over the past few years, can easily be referred to as a revolution. Social networking sites such as youtube, facebook, and twitter, have become prominent forces in our society and have significantly impacted our lives and the way that we communicate with others. They have quickly become a part of our culture, improving our lives in many ways. Social networking websites allow people to share pictures and videos, connect with old friends, form common interest groups, organize events, and so much more. They have created an online community that provides users with the opportunity to network and build social capital to help them in a society where its not about what you know, but rather who you know. Social networking also acts as a cost efficient form of advertising and marketing. Rather than purchasing ads in newspapers or magazines, companies can get their name out there for no cost at all. The expansive network of users on social networking sites provides individuals with the ability to reach more people than ever before. Facebook not have more than 800 million active users, who on average have 130 friends, Twitter has over 200 million users generating over 200 million tweets per day, and 48 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube daily, resulting in nearly 8 years of content being uploaded every single day. While some may argue that social networking has dehumanized our society and raises growing concerns regarding privacy, the pros in this case simply outweigh the cons. Although relationships formed online don’t require the interpersonal skills that are needed for face-to-face interactions, social networking helps connect people that would not have been able to find each other otherwise. As far as the privacy issue is concerned, users of social networking sites are responsible for the information that they provide to other users. Many of these sites have made changes to assure people that their information is safe, however, the information individuals choose to put online is a personal choice. Identity theft through social networking is something that can be prevented if people choose to make smart choices. In a matter of years, social networking has become a global phenomenon and
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Andrea Morris Op-Ed - Andrea Morris Op-Ed 1st Draft The...

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