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Andrea Morris- final paper - Andrea Morris Inter-HE 350...

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Andrea Morris Inter-HE 350 Final Synthesis Paper The community-based organization that I have been volunteering at this semester is the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County. The main focus of this organization is to help at risk youth and to inspire and enable them to reach their fullest potential. The Boys and Girls Club is a national organization with over 4,000 clubs throughout the country. In high school I did some work with the Boys and Girls Club in my own community and really value the work that the organization does. Not only does it provide kids with a safe place to go, but also reaches out to the children who need it the most, giving them a sense of hope and opportunity, helping them to improve their lives. While there are so many kids who grow up in homes where there is always food on the table, someone to help them with their homework, and role models to look up to and learn from, there are so many others who are not quite as fortunate. The Boys and Girls club opens its doors to these children and attempts to address these problems, providing at-risk youth with some of the things that they are not receiving at home. There are many different programs run at the Boys and Girls club that focus on a variety of things to meet the needs of any child who comes to the club seeking help. With the small membership fee of $5 per year, the club opens its doors to children who have nowhere else to go and provides them with a safe environment to learn and grow. The Boys and Girls club is just one of many groups that recognize the need to focus and provide help to the youth around the country who are the future of our nation.
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The Administration for Children and Families, a department within the United States Department of Heath and Human Services is responsible for federal programs that promote the economic and social well being of families, children, individuals, and communities. They provide support and funding for many programs that aim to help children and make sure that they have the tools necessary to succeed. Some examples of government-funded programs are CYFAR, or the Children, Youth and Families at Risk
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Andrea Morris- final paper - Andrea Morris Inter-HE 350...

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