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Andrea Morris The Wisconsin Idea The Wisconsin Idea to me has always meant, students taking the things that they learn during their time at the University of Wisconsin and making sure that the impact of that knowledge is not confined to the boundaries of the campus. That they take what they learned here and use it to have an impact on society. While this idea is relevant to all students who attend this University I find it particularly relevant in my major, Community and Non-Profit Leadership. In this class, as well as in many of my other classes, I have seen how much of an impact can be made through the non-profit sector. In high school, my involvement in school activities was limited, but as a student at the University of Wisconsin I know that I am a part of something so much bigger. I am surprised everyday by my fellow students and how much of a change we all have the ability to make. Never before have I been surrounded by such driven and dedicated
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Unformatted text preview: individuals, and I have no doubt that the students at this school will have a huge impact on society. I have come to realize over the course of the semester that the Wisconsin Idea is not so much an idea, but rather an action. It is not just about what you learn as a student here, but is it what you do with that knowledge that you have gained. While not all students will use their knowledge to make a change in the world and remain active in our living democracy, but there is no denying that all students at this university are supplied with the tools that they need to do so. I think that the idea of Living Democracy that we discussed in this class is a perfect example of how we, as students, can contribute to the Wisconsin Idea. We don’t necessarily need to run for a government position or take on any official role, but by simply being active members of the public realm we can have an impact....
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