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Essay on Readings - Andrea Morris Inter-HE 350 Essay on...

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Andrea Morris Inter-HE 350 Essay on Readings Quickening for America: From client to citizen: o Moved from the care giver offering charity- which often left the recipients dependent and powerless- to the caregiver as agent of change- as the problem solver who finds solutions and acts on the clients behalf o The individual choose to act on himself- for example, curing mental illness no longer rested solely in the hands of therapists, social workers, and asylums. It now passed in part into the hands of the sufferers o Reaching out to strangers both for help and to help o Mutual responsibility and mutual respect o Professionals from provider of services to coach, rethinking role o Introduced the notion of working collaboratively with the residents to solve problems, rather than viewing the residents as the problem o Gain insight into ourselves by contributing to others o We become both the giver and the receiver at once Changing concepts of “private problems” into “public issues” Client to citizen- Individual choose to act on himself The kids have to decide that they want to participate and accept the help Work with residents to solve problems See what they need help with and help them to improve Gain insight into ourselves by contributing to others When working with kids you get to help them and when you see that they are succeeding and doing well you feel good and accomplished- no better feeling than knowing that you made a difference
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Private problems to public issues Kids not doing well in school and things that they are having problems with in their lives could be left for them and their families- a private problem Boys and girls club works to help in solving those problems- turning them into public issues and Problems that people experience at home will affect others and have an impact on public life- we all have public roles (consumer, employer, voter, student) and choices we make in these roles affect others Not just helping them with homework and to do better in school- teach them responsibility, how to communicate, that its okay to reach out for help and ask questions- all of these things will help them in their contributions to society and teaches them valuable life skills Education for democracy: McKnight- Why “Servanthood” is bad o The service ideology and its systems don’t work for 3 reasons They constantly steal money from people who are poor They base programs on “deficiences” They displace the capacity of peoples organizations to solve problems o Base programs on deficiences: Teach people that their value lies in their defieciences Discusses and antipoverty program that when interviewing focused on the negatives rather than the positives Girl was asked how far she went in school, answered that she got
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Essay on Readings - Andrea Morris Inter-HE 350 Essay on...

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