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Andrea Morris- Assignment of Choice

Andrea Morris- Assignment of Choice - Andrea Morris...

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Andrea Morris Entrepreneurship in Society Assignment of Choice- Option A November 30, 2011 Milk It is very clear in the film “Milk”, that Harvey Milk is nothing short of an entrepreneur. He not only takes risks, but he assumes responsibility for his actions whether they yield positive or negative results. During that 70’s when homosexuals were not accepted, Harvey went against the norm and defied what was “acceptable” in society. When others questioned him he did not let their doubts hold him back but rather used them to keep him motivated. He not only had the idea for change, but had the drive and determination to make it happen and turn his ideas into a reality. Throughout the film, Harvey had to make many difficult choices and overall he was very just in his actions. He always had good intentions and did not try to force his opinion on others, but rather attempted to educate so that others could make informed decisions for themselves. He not only worked for rights of gay and homosexual individuals, but encouraged everyone to be open about who they were and fought for civil rights for all people regardless of their sexual orientation. Harvey was a very motivational speaker who was very successful in leading large groups of people, gaining control of rioting crowds, and ensuring that they fought for their rights in a peaceful and respectable manor. He never failed to capture a crowd’s attention with his words. In this way, he was able to gain the respect of thousands of followers who would assist him in his ventures. Throughout the film Harvey experienced a great deal of change. His
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involvement in politics was motivated by the discrimination that homosexuals and other groups were constantly facing. When he realized that no one in government was fighting for their rights, he thought to himself, “if only we had someone in government who saw things form our side.” Many people would have simply stopped there, but Harvey Milk took it upon himself to make sure that the gay community was represented and that changes were made. Harvey had an immense impact on everyone who crossed his path
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Andrea Morris- Assignment of Choice - Andrea Morris...

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