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Assignment of choice - Andrea Morris Inter-HE 501...

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Andrea Morris Inter-HE 501 Assignment of Choice The movie “The Social Network,” tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg, and his journey in creating what the world now knows as Facebook. Zuckerberg displays an overwhelming number of entrepreneurial characteristics, which his character in the film helps to portray. Mark Zuckerberg is the definition of an entrepreneur. He did not just have the idea of creating a social networking site, but he had the drive and passion to follow through with its creation. His original product called “FashMash” eventually evolved into “The Facebook”, an online network for Harvard Students. His entreprenurialistic nature was shown again following a run in with his ex-girlfriend who was not a Harvard student. When he realized that she had never heard of facebook because it was limited to students at Harvard, he saw that as an opportunity to expand and improve upon his original creation, making The Facebook available to students at Universities across the country. Over time his idea continued to evolve into what is now Facebook.
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Assignment of choice - Andrea Morris Inter-HE 501...

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